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When I decided that the time had come to pursue my passion for real estate, I knew that one of the key factors in my decision regarding which brokerage to choose was the importance given to training.


Coming from a military background, as a senior officer with 21 years of service, training, teamwork and cooperation were at the forefront of my priorities. During the week of my Residential Transaction course, the lunch-in/presentation organized by Keller Williams VIP was, quite frankly, the only one that not only inspired me, but also explained in great detail the Training and Support provided by the entire KW VIP Team.


The reception I got on my first day at the brokerage was absolutely amazing. The training and support staff immediately took care of my licensing and the initial training required to start managing my business as a Sales Representative.


For someone like myself with limited sales experience, the KW Ignite Training designed for new agents was fantastic, not only in terms of the content, but also taught by instructors whom, just like me, shared an obvious passion for real estate. Sharing their amazing experiences and trade secrets with us made applying the theory to practice very easy for my first sales.


The monthly training provided free of charge is of the utmost importance for any Sales Representative, and I found it to be not only inspiring but also crucial to my success. This training is designed to broaden your real estate sales knowledge and skills way beyond what is taught through OREA and OREB. It gave me an opportunity to meet my peers and I found it to be a great forum where I could get help and advice when needed.


Throughout the process of listing, selling and buying my first homes, I always felt supported by the broker, training and admin staff. Wise guidance and advice was, is and I strongly believe will always be, provided in times of need when dealing with difficult situations that could impact your career.


Upon my first sales, I quickly realized that I was surrounded by an extremely efficient and friendly administration and support team that made sure all required documentation was in order for each and every trade.


Being part of an organization that thrives on the success of agents through various pillars like Support, Organization, Teamwork, Training, Duty and Dedication is why I chose Keller Williams VIP. At any given time, I know that I can count on more than one hundred dedicated agents to help me out if I need it. There is no better feeling then to feel right at home in your workplace environment!


Come and see it for yourself! Request an interview, come and experience some training sessions and meet the other agents to see if KW VIP is the right fit for you!